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Our History.

The D Zone is a Michigan-based High School Football and Basketball platform. It was originally started in September of 2010 by Jeff Corrion as a blog that provided basic information such as recruiting data and other updates during the season. In the summer of 2017 Jeff Corrion and Stuart Carlin met and quickly developed a strong bond and desire to take The D Zone to the next level.

As the 2017 football season began, The D Zone released a much improved website with many new features such as: news, schedules, scoreboard, standings, rankings, stats, videos, team pages and tourney brackets while it continued to generate tons of content for its over 85,000 avid followers. The site is also much more automated and accessible to players, coaches, parents, fans and college recruiters.

The D Zone is growing like crazy and we are very excited to have you along for the ride as we cover Michigan High School Football and Basketball all over the state.